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As a swimming pool owner or as somebody who maintains a swimming pool, the importance of ensuring good filtration should be of paramount importance. Not only will it ensure the clarity of the water within the pool but it will keep maintenance costs down as the system works efficiently and most importantly of all it will prevent the build-up of pathogens which can be very harmful to us. Children especially can fall very ill if exposed to the viruses and bacteria which can become present in a poorly filtered pool so you should be doing your utmost to keep a pool properly sanitised.

How Do They Work?pool pump process

Water within a swimming pool is circulated. As it passes through the system it is pushed through a filter. As it does this so contaminants and debris are picked up and then prevented from re-entering the pool. The water which has gone through the filter will be cleaned and sanitised and so the absence of a quality pool filter or one which is not intercepting the dirt and harmful particles properly will leave you with a cloudy pool which is progressively getting more and more infected with harmful microbes. There are two main types of filter in use sand and cartridge types.

Sand Filters

As the name suggests these use sand as the method of filtering the water which passes through them. Due to the coarse nature of the sand, water can pass through it but the tiny particles hidden in the water will attach to it. Any of the debris which is picked up will then sit within the sand and be trapped inside the filter. As this builds up it actually helps with the filtration as the picked up material helps to pick up any future contaminants which go through the filter. After a period of time however this will get to a point where it does not operate properly and so the sand will need to be replaced. This is a simple process and can be done by one’s self but you must make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as well as noting what sand should be used. Any old sand will not suffice. There are many online guides to help you with the process.

Cartridge FiltersPool Pump

The other most common type of pool filter used is a cartridge filter. Some filters contain a single cartridge and others use multiples. When looking for quality you should buy a good brand such as Davey and Onga pool filters as these will come with different sized filters to ensure you get the most appropriate size to suit your pool, as well as having inbuilt pressure gauges which inform you of when you need to replace the cartridge(s). If you do not replace the cartridges, as with the sand, excessive strain will be placed on your pool pumps. The maintenance involved with cartridge filters is minimal and involves simply removing the filter medium and rinsing it out. Periodically they will need replacing but this is also very simple and if you have looked after the filter properly you will only need to replace the cartridges as the filter itself should last for a considerable period of time.