How To Design An Effective Event Banner

Designing an event banner may seem straightforward, but when you take into account all the factors that affect the theme, how well it represents your brand, and how effective its message, it soon becomes clear that there’s a lot more to designing a banner than meets the eye....
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High Quality Matting For Any Floor Type

When it comes to resurfacing the floor your home or workspace, matting offers a wide range of options that are both durable and affordable. As well as being versatile, mats can easily be installed and removed, which makes them a great solution no matter what your requirements. Matting...
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Custom Event Banners

Events are great occasion to get exposure for your brand. Whether you’re a sponsoring company, or the one hosting the event, you’ll want as many people to know of your involvement, and careful placement of event banners is a very effective way to achieve this. Events simply aren’t...
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Sometimes You Feel like a Nut

Today’s featured T-Shirt is another Usain Bolt Shirt. It asks the question, “Are you a nut? Or a Bolt.” If you are the type of person who casually breaks world records while celebrating your victory before it has officially happened, well then you are a bolt. And if...
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Holy Shirt That Guy Was Fast!

The NoseSplash team was going over the tapes of Usain Bolt’s incredible record breaking 100m Sprint last night when we realized something. Usain Bolt wasn’t running a 100m race against the other runners. For him, it wasn’t a race at all. He was running a 100m victory lap....
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Laugh ’till you Splash!

Hey there and welcome to For those of you who have never been here, is the new home for Nate is a Blog. For those of you who have never been to Nate is a Blog, how the heck did you get here? What did you have...
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Billy Mac

“I don’t usually laugh out loud at something I’m reading, but this blog by comic Nate Smith is off the charts.” – Billy Mac at
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Spud Oregon

“We could all do with a little humor in our feed reader, which is why I’ve subscribed to Nate is a Blog,” -Spud Oregon at
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“It takes quite a bit of talent and work to write a funny blog, and Nate seems to be doing a fine job on his!” – Lizza
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